Hello there and welcome to my world….!  I’m Ashley Bendiksen, activist, entrepreneur, public speaker, coach, and a total life and success enthusiast. My passion is to change the world, empower others, and change lives. I grew up wasting so much time. I was constantly held back by self-doubt, external influences, and my own inner struggles. My life was plagued by hardship, and I was constantly facing obstacles…. One day, I decided I’d had enough. I decide to take my life into my own hands. I decided to LET GO and LIVE – and everything changed. I’m blessed to have had this lightbulb moment, because today I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Not even 30 years old, I have held amazing jobs, currently run several nonprofits, am a public speaker, writer, President of a nonprofit theater company, and best of all, an entrepreneur!

In light of my own personal journey, I love helping others achieve fulfillment and self-actualization as I have. I believe in conscious life design – essentially, that anyone can define, create, and live the life they want. I coach and guide others to achieve their various goals. What I have learned firsthand, is that anyone can do anything if you’re willing to believe and willing to work. Each day is a gift and you CAN live the life you dream of. You can overcome fear, go after your goals, and truly LEAD your best life! So talk to me! Connect with me! Follow me! Join me in this exciting journey to health, success, happiness, and fulfillment!  – Ashley


Public Speaker!

For the last ten years, I’ve been putting my words to the mic. I started speaking after surviving domestic violence because I realized that silence was a problem – and one that I could fix! I told my story to everyone – complete strangers! Today, I’m an ‘expert’ on the issue and love teaching people how they can help themselves, others, and reduce violence against women. When I’m not telling that story, I’m telling my others – of the struggles of being a woman and the many issues that caused me growing up. I speak of overcoming fear and self-doubt, overcoming adversity, and how I changed my life by changing my mindset and simply wanting more. I speak about women’s empowerment, leadership, activism, entrepreneurship, and offer a ton of presentations on personal and professional development.  I’m blessed with a talent for speaking and motivating – and have spoken for countless audiences of all backgrounds and sizes. I live for this! Dialogue is the key to all change – and here, this blog gives me another platform to show people how they really can live better lives.


I have a crazy passion for activism. The day I realized I wanted more out of my life, I started volunteering. This opened endless doors for me. I started as a volunteer receptionist, and years later found myself serving on Boards of Directors and serving as Chairperson of different nonprofits. In fact, right now I currently run four nonprofits! I am especially proud of the nonprofit theatre company I founded in 2014 after the passing of my mother. Our unique mission is to use the arts for philanthropy, and in less than two years, we have produced four shows and donated more than $20,000 to local charities. Plus – I’m a PRODUCER! How COOL is that?!

Over the course of 10 years, I’ve worked with so many nonprofits in various positions. I’ve served on committees and boards of directors, as Chairperson, and participating in advocacy initiatives on various issues. which include: domestic violence awareness, women’s empowerment, leadership development, Alzheimer’s advocacy, entrepreneurship, teen/girls’ issues, philanthropy and civic service, at-risk youth programming, youth mentoring, and more. To view ALL of my nonprofit and advocacy experience, as well as the efforts I currently chair, visit “Leadership” on my personal website at www.ashleybendiksen.com.

Success Fanatic!

I am a true success fanatic! One day, my entire mindset changed and I’ve been working hard to succeed at life, business, career, and happiness ever since!  I‘m a coach and I LOVE working one-on-one to help people accomplish their various goals. I’m a business and success coach, a start-up coach, a life coach and health coach, and I coach entrepreneurs! This blog will provide you with information, inspiration, helpful articles, and TOOLS to help YOU succeed at pretty much anything you can dream of! Want more? Want my help, guidance, or accountability? Learn about my services on my website at www.ashleybendiksen.com


Lifestyle Enthusiast and Entrepreneur…

All I’ve ever wanted to do is travel the world, make my own schedule, meet new people… and just simply wake up each day and live how I want! For years I dreamt of “someday” having 3-day weekings, mobility, being able to work remotely, making money in my sleep! But this drove me crazy… I didn’t want to wait anymore! I wanted to design my life, control every day, live more, make more money on my own, and finally live the life I was dreaming of – now rather than “someday.” I took a leap of faith! I left an awesome 9-5 day job and went into work for myself. I found a way to monetize all of my passions and talents – and then some! Today, I can confidently say it’s the BEST decision I have EVER made. The freedom of entrepreneurship allows me to live an amazing life – my dream life!! I travel whenever and wherever I want. I pick up new hobbies like learning an instrument or taking a random class! I check out cool shows and concerts and events. I run a few nonprofits for fun – like my theatre company. Every day is different and awesome! So yes, I am a lifestyle enthusiast and hope this blog gives YOU inspiration to do more of what you want to do. Why wait? Live now! Life is too short! SO follow along and join me!

Learn more!

This right here is my official blog, but anything and EVERYTHING you could want to know about me is on my personal site, http://www.ashleybendiksen.com. Take a look! Follow along!